The basic principle of Kyodogakusha is self-reliance.
We, therefore, try to satisfy our own need of food, clothing and residence by ourselves, considering that these three features represent “living”.Since we value independence, our ideal is to support ourselves.It, however ,takes many years to become economically independent, even though we do try to exclude luxury and try to work hard.

We, therefore, call upon people who agree with our ideas and ask them to be supporting members. The organization is operated on a membership system. The supporting members not only support the organization financially but also work together to extend the movement of establishing a society without any discrimination. The membership fee for a supporting member is 1,000Yen share annually. Supporting members can apply for any number of shares and can choose a most convenient way to pay that fee:once a year; once in six month; or once a month.

In addition to the ordinary membership fee, we have stared to raise an educational and medical treatment fund since 1979 for the education of the children of the members residing in any of the Kyodogakusha houses and for their medical treatment.We would be very glad and grateful to receive contributions for these funds as well as contributions for other purposes.

We publish a Kyodogakusha report every three months, In the Hokkaido region, which holds the most members, a Neiraku-Shintoku report is published several times a year in addition.

We also hold a meeting in April every year, in Tokyo for the Shinshu and Kyushu regions and either in Neiraku,Shintoku or Sapporo for the Hokkaido region, where most of our members attend to report the life in each group, as well as to sell the handicrafts and agricultural products.