Why do we grow our food, build our own lodgings, make handicrafts, work together through the year and share our lives together? The answaer of cousrse, is to survive and to gain income. Then, how does each individual change through a life like this?Each person will grope patiently to discover one’s hidden possibilities. But most importantly we must recognize that through cooperative living we grow so as to be able to accept ourselves as we are and to appreciate our lives which are saved both physically and spiritually.
We believe that these are the basics in constricting a better society.

The following are more concrete answers to the qestions raised.

  1. For those who are spoiled at home — to be able to go
    through the difficulties and do what they should do by
  2. For those who reject going to school — to be able to become brave enough to face the fact that he or she must go to school.
  3. For those who have lost confidence in themselves and have become deprressed because of physical handicaps or of suffering fits–to become healthy.
  4. For those who have no families nor relatives — to overcome the loneliness and to grow.
  5. For those who have trouble reading or who are bad at arithmetic or who are clumsy– to be able to do what they want to do with their own will.
  6. For those who tend to be dishonest–to become strong enough to restrain from telling a life.
  7. For those who often steal from others without much feeling — to be able stir and strengthen their own conscinece.
  8. For those who are selfish and lazy– to learnnot to make exucuses and to work honestly and hard.
  9. For those who value money the most–to be able to understand the value of invisible thing.
  10. For those who blame others all the time — to respect others.
  11. For those who are confined to a wordless word — to try to communicate by opening their heart and using words.
  12. For those who are burdened by a fate not of their own knowing– to learn to live their own responsible life.
  13. For those who set the criteria established by others into the center of their lives–to learn to live their own life,not being afraid of others.
  14. For those who always put themselves first–to appreciate others and to live for others.
  15. For those who are inflexible and cannot believe others– to become brave and to believe others.

Kyodogakusha is not a place where somebody forces others to change their behaviours or beliefs, but is a place where everybody makes efforts to attain the objects stated above.